the realm of ted- various big ted sound bytes, from his famous "horse's cock" to his lesser-known works such as "gwar" and "fencil has a sparrow dick" (sadly, this site is no longer with us.  but i'm gonna leave the link up because i really liked this site)

where have you gone, andy van slyke?- pittsburgh pirate rants from our own pat lackey.  since the pirates blow, there's a lot of good stuff to read here. like the free internet porn?  so does big rando.  this is his favorite site, and he commands you check it out. need sbl uniforms?  these guys did all of the pj & the ladies jerseys for 2005, as well as analisa goodthing's and the fupalooters (as if you couldn't tell).  their prices are reasonable, they'll have your shirts at your doorstep in less than 2 weeks, and you can do all the work from the comfort of your own home!  i highly recommend these guys. lots of good way to pass time until we update this bad boy.

the ruthless guide to 80's action- if you're anything like me, you'll love this.  and if you aren't, go to this site and learn to love it so you can be more like me, and therefore, much sweeter. ninjas are soooooo sweet i want to crap my pants video clips of doug tenney (or someone else with tourettes, like it matters) flipping out.  make sure you listen to the one where he uses "bob saget" as a swear word.

the shenango valley tecmo bowl league- it's like our league, except it's full of kids that are way younger than us.  oh, wait... umm, it's like our league, but there's no baseketball.

groove clinic- sweet-ass cover  band featuring mr. carton.  check em out, then go patronize your local watering hole to see em live.  you won't be let down.

the best dancer i've ever seen- it is possible for a 15-year old boy to give me a boner with his robot moves.  see for yourself.

the hasselhoff baseketball association- "i stepped over the line on a triple, you say?  perhaps  some spunking and cuffing is in order?"

broken lizard
- the geniuses behind "super troopers", "club dread" and the soon-to-come "beerfest" call this site home.  go check it out.

how not to present yourself- the essence of a douchebag

the ultimate fighting championship- seriously, i can't believe i ever wasted my time with the wwe

world wrestling entertainment
- okay, so it wasn't a total waste of time.  but ever since eddie guerrero died, things just haven't been the same.

maxim- the greatest magazine in the world's online home.  there are always some good videos on here, as well as awesome top 10 countdowns such as "the best horror movie death scenes".  it may actually be better than the mag itself.

more soon to come.

want to be a buddy of the sbl.  hit up nate and we'll get you linked.  (and therefore, much sweeter)