they pushed him.  they shoved him.
they knocked him out of the playoffs in the second round.
they said they had sexual relations with his mom.

but they should have finished the job...


overall   conf.  last 2
gonads & strife               14-6   (6-2)  (1-1) the vice city miracles      11-9   (4-4)  (2-0)
pj & the ladies                10-10  (2-6)  (1-1)


the milf hunters               12-8   (8-3)   (1-1)
transexual heartbreakers  10-10 (6-5)   (1-1)
the weenises strike back  10-10 (6-5)  (1-1)
team jukebox hero            3-17  (2-9)   (0-2)
hey!  remember this?  the ones in blue are the correct calls.  notice there's not a lot of blue. 

  lots of stuff got done today.  all of the summaries from the postseason are up and finished (click on the series you want to view to the left), as well as the
2003 all-americans, basic updates to the whole website, and hopefully if kip isn't too busy, the playoff stats are done as well.  seriously, go check what clayton did to the rest of the league this postseason.

  questions are being asked about another holiday classic.  i can't give a definite answer right now, but i wouldn't hold your breath for it.  aside from it costing a lot of money to rent out a gym, i'm not sure how it's gonna go with my work schedule.  if i can arrange something (if it stays like this outside, we'll just have it in my driveway...) i'll put it on the website asap.  so check back.

other than that, i fully plan on keeping the league around for at least one more season.  again, i'm not sure how my work schedule will be next summer, but if there's anyway for the sbl to live on, i'll do everything i can to make it happen.  if anyone is willing to step up even more and help make this happen, please let me know. 
  as of now, i'm looking to do away with the draft.  maybe not altogether, but at least as the main way of choosing teammates.  it doesn't seem neccesary, what with all the post draft trading and acquisitions, and i know i'd prefer to be on a team with people i want to play with, not people who i was assigned to. 
comments?  lemme know.  board of directors and anyone wishing to be included in the decision making of the sbl, look back around christmas for the time of an offseason meeting.

8/ 25
sorry about all the not updating and stuff, guys, but you know how it goes.  busted my ass all summer long making sure the site was (almost) always done week to week, and i just needed to take a bit of time off from baseketball once everything was wrapped up.
  but now that i've taken a few weeks off, it's time to get back to work. 

  first off, i'd like to congratulate the transexual heartbreakers, by far the least experienced team in the sbl, for their jaw-dropping victory in the sbl championship.  sure, you may have lucked out by beating a gonads & strife team without shelly and esenwein...barely, and gotten to play a team that probably shouldn't even have been in the playoffs in the finals, but 34-11 and 21-6 wins are certainly deserving of the left-eye.  especially that you did it without erin leyde.
  also, i'd like to point out that, while jared clayton is a phenomenal player, everyone expects him to hit 5 homers and drive in 10 runs a game, and he did just that.   elysa "role player" farrell was the real reason the THB won the title, and i called her being a supastar long before the season started.  (and then traded her off my team, but hey, it was for shelly...) 
  anyway, to clayton, elysa, k-unit, erin, sarah allan, nolan vujovic, jason creaser, mark metro, marcy yonkey and alyse golub, congatulations on a fantastic season and your sbl gold.
  and while we're on the championship series, a shout-out should go to the
other team that got hot at the right time and cruised into the sbl championship after a dreadful start, the weenises strike back. 

  the biggest shocker of the championship weekend was not the heartbraker dismantling of the weenises, however, and i'd like to take a moment to congratulate lee nespor for his flabbergasting win in the first-ever sbl home run derby.  along the way, lee overcame 2003 regular season homerun champ jared clayton, 2003 regular season homer run per game winner mark satanic, long ball specialists andy esenwein and jon olsavsky, single game homer record holder jon biddle, and  all-time hr list #3 man billy weisberg.  then in his most awesome win, defeated single season and all-time homer champion nate tomko, yours truly, head to head, man to man in the finals.  way to go, lee.  it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

  i'd like to thank all who participated in the sbl this season for a job well done.  special thanks go to kip corbett for his dedicated statistizing and to ted gilliland, jon olsavsky, bill weisberg  and rando knight for their above and beyond commitment.  but to each and every jason biddle and sam lynn and adam stainbrook out there, thank you for your participation, cooperation, and from time to time, forgiveness.  without you, there would be no league.





4) transexual heartbreakers def.
5) pj & the ladies:  2-0

6) weenises strike back def.
3) vice city miracles:  2-0


4) transexual heartbreakers def.
1) gonads & strife:  2-1

6) weenises strike back def.
2) milf hunters:  2-0

4) transexual heartbreakers def.
6) weenises strike back:  2-0